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Horlogerie Desbiolles

Established in 1986, Horlogerie Desbiolles is first and foremost a watchmaker specialized in antique clocks and vintage watch repair. It was founded by Yvon Desbiolles, who has since handed over to his mentee, and son, Fabrice. The place has a very strong reputation for its quality of service. 

While the selection of watches on sale is not very large (less than 30 at time of writing), there are several reasons to go watch shopping at Desbiolles. First, the place is quite magical, full of antique timekeeping wonders, right in the center of Geneva, near Place Neuve. Second, the Desbiolles, father and son, truly know what they are talking about: their expertise on the pieces they sell can be trusted. Finally, and this is not so common in Geneva, their prices are quite reasonable. 

Unlike most sellers listed here, their online shop is actually quite up to date. That said, it's always better to go on site if you can, not just to see the watches in real life but also to get a sneak peak at arrivals before they get listed online. 

What you will find: fairly mixed, from a Tudor Oysterdate to a 6264 Big Red Daytona with the occasion AP and Patek.

Price range: quite broad, at time of writing from 2k to 80k CHF.

Location: Boulevard du Théâtre, 7 - 1204 Genève (Google Maps)

Open Hours: 

SWE Rating: Excellent


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