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Panerai Manufacture

Inaugurated in 2002, the Panerai manufacture is where all the watches from the legendary Italian-born brand are now made. Visiting the site, you will witness how vertically integrated the production is, from in-house movements to case material development. 

The one thing to note though is that a large part of the Panerai spirit, and where all the watches are designed, is still in Italy. In that sense, the visit is not as emotionally immersive into the brand universe as some others, where everything is conceived of and produced locally. The visit is also quite expensive compared to some others.


Route de Pierre-à-Bot 87, 2000 Neuchâtel (Google Maps)

Open Hours

Every Thursday at 1.30 pm. Duration: 2.5 h  

How it works

Guided visits only. Available in English or French (alternating weeks, language indicated in online booking system). 8 people max per visit. 

How much? 

70 CHF / person


Minimum 14 years old 

How to book

Visit the Neuchâtel region watch activity website  (a better version of this site but limited to the region and less opinionated :)

SWE Rating: Good (not higher mostly due to the limited immersion into the brand spirit, combined with the relatively high price)

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