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D.R. Horloger

Dario Ratti is first and foremost a watchmaker, and a very talented one: the wait time for one of his repairs is about 1 year now! He started selling vintage watches not by design, but originally as a favour to his customers who had a watch to sell. He has since pursued this "side-activity", with a focus on vintage pieces, in particular Omega, some Rolex and also much more eclectic, serendipitous offerings.

Not only are Dario Ratti's prices usually very good, but, because he is a watchmaker, he always adds a little touch: checking the accuracy, adding a little bit of oil, regulating the movement, even when he does not perform a full service. 

Bienne is often considered the capital of watchmaking, home of Omega, Swatch, and Rolex's largest production site. For that reason, the local offerings can be very compelling, both in terms of rare finds, but also competitive pricing. 

What you will find: first and foremost vintage Omegas, some more recent Rolexes, and then a wide range of offerings, based on what his customers bring in.  

Price range: very broad, from under 100 CHF to above 20k, for rare items.


 Rue Basse, 33 - 2502 Biel/Bienne (Google Maps)

Open Hours: 

SWE Rating: Excellent


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