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Antiquewatch used to be a well kept secret in Zurich: hidden on a bridge among fast food kiosks, one did not suspect to find such a strong selection of IWCs, Omega and Patek Philippe. The new location, in the centre, close to the historical café Odeon makes the place a lot more easy to discover, but the charm of its offering has been preserved. 

Since 1989, Beat Baumgartner has earned a strong reputation for offering quality at a very fair price, especially by Zurich standards. As you can see by visiting his website, it's all about the rigorous, simple and humble approach of its owner.

What you will find: "post 1920s" watches, as stated by the owner. You can expect to find most prominent Swiss brands as well as less known ones.

Price range: very broad, from the price of a Swatch to the price of a Nautilus.

Location: Torgasse 5 - 8022 Zurich (Google Maps)

Open Hours: 

SWE Rating: Excellent


SWE tips for any vintage / pre-owned purchase: