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Zenith Manufacture

Zenith is one of the very few high profile watch brands to offer public tours of its manufacture. The production site is located right where the brand started, in 1865. Beyond immersing yourself into this historical setting, you will get to understand each step of how Zenith watches and movements, including the famous El Primero. The tour is limited to 8 people, which means you really get to make the most of it... but also that you should be sure to book in advance! 


Rue des Billodes 34, 2400 Le Locle (Google Maps)

Time & Date

Fridays from 9 am to 12 pm

Private tours are also available upon request, Monday to Thursday.

How much? 50 CHF / person (private tours: 500 CHF, up to 8 people)

How to book? Visit the website

SWE Rating: Excellent

SWE tip: Like Omega, Zenith has a manufacture boutique. A great opportunity to purchase a watch right from the source. However, its opening hours are a bit tricky: in the morning, the boutique opens from 9 am to 12 pm, which is exactly the period of the manufacture tour. You will then need to wait until 2 pm for it to reopen, but if you do intend to purchase a watch, ask your tour guide at the beginning, to see if something can be worked out.