Swiss Watch Explorer [beta]

a travel guide to Swiss watchmaking

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Hi and thanks for reading! 

My name is Alex. I'm a watch enthusiast living in Bienne, arguably the capital of Swiss watchmaking.  I'm the author of, a blog about the city's vibrant watch scene.

While I may have a bias for my town, I've been amazed at how rich the watch discovery experience is across many regions of Switzerland, from Schaffhausen to Geneva. I created Swiss Watch Explorer to share with fellow watch fans a simple tool to plan their horological experiences.

Please note that I have no commercial affiliation with any of the brands or activities listed. The opinions here are subjective, based on my personal experience, and the listings are not exhaustive: if I think something is not worth visiting or doing, I just don't mention it here. That said, there are still many things I'm sure I haven't tried. Or maybe I did, but they've evolved since. That's why suggestions and any form of feedback are most welcome!