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Musée Atelier Audemars Piguet

Inaugurated in June 2020, the Audemars Piguet experience combines a visit of the brand's museum and its manufacture. The new, dedicated building strikes by its audacious architectural curves that somehow manage to perfectly blend into the traditional Vallée-de-Joux environment. 

The visit offers both a front row seat to the amazing tiemepieces developed over the decades by the legendary brand, and to the work of watchmakers in their see-through ateliers. 

Beyond the regular experience, designed for adults, there is a separate kids experience (which needs to be booked separately). It is pretty incredible, with children age 6 to 10 being treated as absolute VIPs, taken through a dedicated sequence of museum and atelier visits, (basic) hands-on watchmaking work and being greeted with high end snacks and homemade hot chocolate. 


Route de France, 18 - 1348 Le Brassus (Google Maps)

Open Hours

Monday - Friday: 2 pm and 3 pm.  Each visit lasts 2 hours.

Closed on bank holidays

How it works

Guided visits only. Available in English, French, or German, with language determined by the first person to book the tour. Up to 6 people per tour (and 8 for the kids experience). Booking required.

How much? 

Adult Experience 

30 CHF per adult, 25 CHF reduced, 20 CHF for teenagers.  Kids are admitted as of the age of 6, and it's free up to 11 years old. Ideally, if you can book both simultaneously, kids will be much better off with the dedicated Kids Experience. 

Kids Experience

15 CHF per child. 

How to book

Check out the museum website or go to directly to the booking page 

SWE Rating: Excellent

SWE tip: The Hotel des Horlogers right next door was inaugurated at the same time as the Musée Atelier, and is owned by the brand. It's an excellent hotel that blends very well in the local decorum. It can be a good idea to book lunch there, or go to the bar to chill out before and / or after your visit. Of course you can also book a stay there for a longer, more immersive time, especially if you combine with other visits such as Jaeger-LeCoultre.